Hi there! I’m Dr. Steph. My journey began when I started to have incredibly scary multiple sclerosis type symptoms over a decade ago. After 4 + years on the allopathic route seeking answers without luck, I became dedicated to support my body NATURALLY & HOLISTICALLY. I’ve since healed those issues and feel better than ever. So I’m here to tell you contrary to what many of us have been told, it’s not in your head. 

I’m a board certified & licensed doctor of chiropractic, applied kinesiologist, acupuncturist and traditional chinese medicine doctor. I specialize in holistic health utilizing functional medicine principles, clinical nutrition, and lifestyle medicine. I work with patients and clients that refuse to fall through the dirty cracks of the medical system anymore, those that are tired of being shuffled through different medical departments with little to show for it except a dwindling bank account and a heightened stress response. There IS hope, your body hasn’t betrayed you. We can help.