Andrea Ellis is an Integrated Health Practitioner who’s career was started by her own health story. A sudden onset of a mysterious pain syndrome that doctors could not identify sent her on a journey to find real answers and true healing. While she worked to heal herself, she found a deep passion for holistic health and wellness. Which lead to seeking an education in Holistic and Natural lifestyle and healing modalities. Andrea loves being a root cause investigator that finds the imbalances in the body that lead to the symptoms so many struggle with, though nothing parallels to the connection formed with clients through mind and spirit work. She truly shines in her ability to get in the trenches with her clients during their wellness journey; not only through their symptoms but by helping them to identify personal trauma and emotional triggers and roots. She works hand in hand with clients to identify and get through all of these roots that lead to dis-easement/imbalance in the body. Andrea lives in Northern California with her husband and their three sons. Her favorite past times are creating recipes, dancing, singing, yoga and being outdoors. You would find her happiest sitting by a lake front summer camp fire.